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We love brands! From brand development to brand expansion: our competent marketing and sales team successfully brings your product to customers.

Who we are and 
what we do

Ed. Haas GmbH is the innovative and appealing distribution partner for big brands in the food and confectionery segment. Thanks to our many years of experience as a producer and distributor in the Austrian retail industry, we know what needs to be done to establish a product in the domestic market. Our qualified and experienced teams in Key Account Management, Outside and Inside Sales and Product Management offer big brands the necessary expertise to bring products to consumers at home, via the shelves of retailers and wholesalers.

Our flexibility and unique structure allows us to offer various models. This includes everything from full and partial sales to POS support and individually tailored sales models. Our services and resources support and accompany your market entry, development and expansion. These service features range from warehousing and delivery, invoicing and controlling, to the use of our key accounting and external sales team and merchandising and marketing.

Sales model 

All offered sales models can be individually adapted to your requirements.
To give you an idea of our extensive options, we show you three of our main models:

Full sales

Key Accounting
Outside Sales

Partial sales

Key Accounting
Outside Sales

POS support

Outside Sales


Our Key Account Team

Five Key Account Managers across Austria currently support all central customers in the food retail and wholesale industries as well as in the drugstore retail industry. Our competent communication, numerous successfully completed projects and many years of cooperation with retailers mean that we have valuable knowledge on brand management matters. 


Our Outside Sales team

Point of Sale is one of the most important success factors in market entry. Our nine-member outside sales team guarantees optimal support at this central point of contact, together with 20 Ed. Haas merchandisers. Our service ranges from shelf support, pre-sales and trade fair services to the acquisition of new, independent customers in the momentum or catering sector.


Our Product Management team

Our Product Management team is specialised in the evaluation of brands, ranges and individual products within the competitive environment, especially in relation to shopper and consumer needs. In addition to classic marketing activities, we offer trade marketing and shopper marketing initiatives in close cooperation with the Key Account Management.

Strong brands
growing over the years


Takeover of sales for Mentos


Takeover of sales for Pomito


Takeover of sales for
Fisherman’s Friend


Purchase of CONTE DeCESARE – – Italian specialities brand.


Takeover of sales for Capri-Sun


Takeover of sales for EGGER


Takeover of sales for Rio Mare


Takeover of sales for Küchle


Takeover of sales for Chupa Chups


Takeover of sales for Center Shock


Takeover of sales for Ricola

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