Experience & tradition
since 1915

Ed. Haas has been an independent family company since it was founded more than a centu-ry ago and is one of the leading companies in the food and luxury food industry in Austria.

 “With Haas, it works every time” –
and that has been the case for more than 100 years

When Eduard Haas started selling baking powder as a replacement for yeast in 1850, he was not aware of the foundations he was laying for the future success of his family. A food processing factory was founded only two generations later in 1915 in Traun/Upper Austria. Production of Haas baking powder on a large scale started at this point and continues today. 

Since its foundation, Ed. Haas Austria GmbH has been an independent family company. and has established itself as a leading company in the Austrian food and luxury food industries. With a total of four business areas, Haas is not only represented as an Austrian producer of branded products with the same name, but also as a competent partner for the marketing of national and international brands.

The four business areas of Haas



The Haas brand covers a wide range of baking, dessert, preserved and spice products. All powder and mustard products have been manufactured at the production site in Traun for more than 100 years. In addition to traditional classics, we value innovations, enhancements as well as new product groups which further enhance our range every year. The focus on progress as well as constant enhancements and improvement of our products make Ed. Haas to what it is today - an Austrian success story.

The diversified Ed. Haas company portfolio includes the distribution of large national and international brands such as Fisherman's Friend, Mentos, Chupa Chups, PEZ, Egger, CONTE DeCESARE, Pomito and many more. True to our motto “With Haas, it works every time”, we are a competent partner for supporting brands in terms of both market entry and market adaptation. We focus on the design and implementation of market strategies which are aligned with the domestic market in Austria.  


Our mission

Haas is one of the most innovative and appealing production and distribution partners for strong food and confectionery brands in Austria.  We are the top address for industry and retail.


Our vision

Ed. Haas has set itself the aim of being the traditional, home-grown producer for powder and mustard products. At the same time, we would like to be at the side of (inter)national brands as a competent point of contact for market entry and market adaptation in Austria.



Our strategy

Continuous further developments and optimisation should make the Haas brand and its accompanying production site an indispensable part of the Austrian retail landscape.
Strategic cooperation with well-known national and international companies not only promotes the development of the brand but also the cultivation of the Austrian market.

Ed. Haas
a success story


The doctor Eduard Haas sells the baking powder he has developed, an easy-to -digest alternative to yeast, for the first time.


Eduard Haas II devises a system to provide goods in pre-packaged amounts and therefore revolutionises the whole sector.


With the “Hasin” ready to bake mix, Eduard Haas II introduces an innovation to the market and sells millions of the baking powder products, together with a recipe booklet.


Eduard Haas III decides to create a new peppermint sweet using industrial production methods. The PEZ success story begins.


After the sensational success of PEZ sweets, the PEZ dispenser is introduced and triggers a collection fever which continues to this day.


Ed. Haas GmbH is founded. By taking over the sale of numerous brands, the company positions itself as an attractive production and sales partner for big brands.


Ed. Haas concentrates on development in the East and founds the
Ed. Haas International Group with numerous subsidiaries.


The 70 employees employed at the site in Traun show that tradition and progress are compatible with each other.

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